Frequently asked questions (FAQ) in UROLOGY

Answer: An individual Urologists web site will usually state their special interest / expertise.
Answer: Men: prostate problems, concerns about prostate cancer, PSA test pros/cons, difficulty passing urine, urinary infections, kidney stones, passing blood in urine, blood in semen, impotence (erectile dysfunction), premature /delayed ejaculation, low libido, painful ejaculation, infertility, testicular swellings/lumps, painful / bent penis on erection, vasectomy, circumcision (adult/child), injury to penis/testis, urinary retention (stoppage of urine), urinary incontinence.
Answer: Women: Urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, difficulty in passing water, recurrent water (urinary) infections, blood in urine, kidney stones.

If you have any of the following questions you would like to speak with the Urologist about please do not hesitate to call or email in confidence on 07979 143368 or email

Q: How do I know I have or have not prostate cancer?

Q: What are the possible presenting features/symptoms of prostate cancer?

Q: I am experiencing burning in the water pipe while passing urine: do I have water (urinary tract) infection/do I need antibiotics? Could this be sexually transmitted infection?

Q: I am passing neat blood in the urine or blood stained urine: is this serious?

Q: My testicle has enlarged x 3 in size compared to the other side over the last few months: is this serious? Do I need a scan?

Q: I noticed a lump in my testicle a few days ago, it is not painful: how do I make sure this is not sinister?

Q: I need vasectomy for permanent sterilisation as I have completed my family with 3 children so far: I want to know implications of undergoing this procedure before proceeding with it: can I get professional advise on this issue?

Q: I have had vasectomy a few months ago and lately have been getting constant dull ache/pain in one of my testis: is this common? Is this going to be a long- term problem or will it subside with time?

Q: My penis is bending to a side/upwards and painful on erection, making intercourse impossible: what is happening to my penis? Do I need surgery?

Q: My wife/partner and I have been trying for a baby for the last 18 months without success, I am told I have no sperms / low sperms in my semen: do I need to see an Urologist?

Q: My father / first cousin were diagnosed to have prostate cancer and having some treatment, should I have my PSA checked?

Q: I am going to be 50 soon. I am generally fit and well man. Should I have a men's health screen done to ensure I am not harbouring anything sinister?

Q:Is it advisable to have my prostate check done at the same time as my late father had some prostate problem and needed surgery?

Q: I am getting recurrent water infections needing regular antibiotics and believe these infections are related to sexual activity: how can I address this problem as I am fed of taking antibiotics all the time and these infections are ruining my quality of life?

Q: I am a 43- year old woman. I have had 3 children. Since the birth of my last child, I have been leaking water (urine) on any physical activity: is this pure stress incontinence or something else, as I also tend to leak water if I cannot get to the bathroom in time?

Q: My partner is experiencing difficulty in getting an erection, he is also tired all the time and has diminished interest in sex: what can one do?

Q: I have been passing blood in the urine and my GP has treated me with antibiotics, but blood in my water persists: do I need further investigations for this ongoing problem? I am worried, especially as my mother had bladder cancer and needed surgery.